ESET Smart Security v5

ESET keeps you safe while working, playing, connecting, and more.

ESET Smart Security version 5 beta

The beta version is now available for testing

Try out the new version before everyone else while it's a little rough around the edges.

Preview the latest features


Beta version, 32-bit

Other options:
64-bit version

Key Features

  • Parental-control
  • Even better cloud features
  • Improved host-based intrusion prevention
  • Improved behavioral analysis technology

What is a beta version?

A beta-version of a product is a version intended for public testing, to make sure that all features and functions work as intended, before the product is officially launched.

By being part of the beta-test you get a chance to see the newest features before everyone else, but it also means that there might still be some incompatibilities or small glitches in the program that needs to be sorted out.

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