IT Security for Shipping and Offshore

ESET security solutions are particularly suited for offshore industries and all industries with no access to cable bound data. Our Nano updates are extremely small and can even be distributed via e-mail. This means more resources free to be used on something else.

ESET security solutions is a cost efficient way to guarantee smooth security updates and cut costs and still live up to the highest security standards.

  • Perfect for Shipping, Fishing and Offshore industries
  • Nano updates
  • Save bandwidth
  • Possibility of updates via e-mail
  • Increase hardware lifespan
  • Possibility of tailored distribution systems
  • Code based system to move license from a sold vessel
  • Flexible licensing - never pay for more licenses than you use

Nano Updates

Security software must be frequently updated to be able to effectively deal with the latest malware. ESET software has the advantage of very small update bundles that keeps the network open for traffic, between 250 to 500 kilobytes per week.

Small System Footprint

ESET software is known throughout the world for a small system footprint. This has two advantages: It lets you use the full power of your hardware, even during scans and updates, and it makes the software fully compatible with older machines.

E-mail Updates

A challenge for offshore and shipping industries, with irregular or intermittent Internet connection via satellite or radio, is the software updates. They take up bandwidth and cost money.

Tailored Solutions

All businesses are different and we try to meet specialized demands from our offshore clients. Please contact our sales team to discuss.

Move license to a new vessel

If a ship is sold we use a code based system to help you deactivate the license used for that particular ship and easily transfer it to the another vessel. No money lost!

Flexible licensing

ESET’s flexible licensing solution guarantees that you never have to pay for more licenses than you use.