ESET Remote Administrator

Easy-to-use centralized deployment and management of antivirus clients.


Remote administration

Simplify all aspects of running antivirus on your business network with ESET's comprehensive management tool, ESET Remote Administrator.

From a single ESET Remote Administrator Console, your IT administrator can quickly scan endpoints, adjust client configurations, respond to security events, update signature databases, generate reports, install and manage ESET solutions across clients and servers running Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Key Benefits

From a single console, remotely manage all current and previous versions of ESET products, running on your endpoints, regardless of operating system.

Managing antivirus for hundreds or more endpoints doesn't have to be time consuming and cumbersome. ESET Remote Administrator is comprehensive and easy to use. Create policies for groups and schedule tasks to automate routine activities from intuitive screens

Remote administration Antivirus

For increased reliability and to tailor to your infrastructure, you can create fallback servers, centralized update servers, and replicate to and from different ESET Remote Administrator Servers

ESET Remote Administrator gives managers the ability to modify client configurations remotely, identify unprotected computers, and run remote scans.

ESET Remote Administrator