I cannot connect to the Internet after installing ESET Smart Security

Occasionally after installing ESET Smart Security, the false-positive detection of certain system processes can cause a temporary loss of internet connection. Please follow the steps below to configure your ESET Smart Security Personal firewall to prevent the false-positive detections and restore your internet connection:
  1. Open the main program window by clicking the ESET icon next to the system clock or by clicking Start - All Programs - ESET - ESET Smart Security.
  2. Press the F5 key to display the Advanced Setup window.
  3. From the Advanced Setup tree on the left, click Personal firewall - IDS and advanced options.
  4. In the Intrusion detection section, deselect the following options:

    - ARP Poisoning attack detection
    - DNS Poisoning attack detection
    - TCP Desynchronization attack detection
    - Reverse TCP Desynchronization attack detection

    NOTE: These attacks occur between the client and DNS/ARP authority and are not a risk for users with a NAT device. Deslecting the above options will not pose a risk to users with a router, Wi-Fi, or other local NAT device.
  5. Click OK to confirm the changes and return to the main program window.